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[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test
Restoring MySQL Database from xtrabackup
In this post we’ll see some facepalm moments during MySQL database restore from Percona Xtrabackup. I think: “To mistake is Homo-sapiens, to learn from them is Homo-sapiens-sapiens.” A typical way to restore MySQL backup from Xtrabackup involves
[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test

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Xtrabackup restore memory Follow Olof Mattsson March 05, 2018 09:09 Hi, We use Clustercontrol to take and restore backups but when the apply-logs runs innobackupex only uses default 100MB memory. The backup-my.cnf In the my.cnf for the server we set :
[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test

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However if you are backing up with the purpose of restoring to another server, you may want to skip creating a local file that then needs to be transferred to the destination server for restore. You can stream Xtrabackup‘s output directly to the destination server.
[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test

Xtrabackup Backup Restore MySQL Database

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[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test
Ubuntu 12.04 MySQL Server 5.5.32 Xtrabackup 2.1.3-608.precise PS: I’ve seen some solutions to restore a specific table from a backup created with Xtrabackup, but it always require Percona Server. If it is not possible to do with Xtrabackup, do someone have
Perform Hot Backups of MySQL Databases with Percona XtraBackup on Ubuntu 16.04

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I’m using XtraBackup mode Streaming and Compressing Backups to perform my backup on a MariaDB 10.19: If I use stream and compact methods to perform the backup when I restore it doesn’t work. Anybody knows if this two methods are compatible
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 · In order to restore partial backup couple of prerequisites you need to meet. Tables should be created with innodb_file_per_table option enabled. i.e. each table data should reside on it’s own tablespace (.ibd) file and enable innodb_expand_import or innodb_import_table_from_xtrabackup depends on percona server version for the the last option.
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Creating a backup #The default backup implementation is ‘builtin’, however we strongly recommend using the xtrabackup engine as it is more robust and allows for non-blocking backups. Restores will always be done with whichever engine was used to create the
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xtrabackup man page
xtrabackup – Man Page Name xtrabackup — Percona XtraBackup 2.3 Documentation The xtrabackup binary is a compiled C program that is linked with the InnoDB libraries and the standard MySQL client libraries. The InnoDB libraries provide functionality necessary to apply a log to data files, and the MySQL client libraries provide command-line option parsing, configuration file parsing, and so on
[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test
Full Backup and Restore with Mariabackup
If you try to restore from these files, InnoDB notices the inconsistencies and crashes to protect you from corruption Before you can restore from a backup, you first need to prepare it to make the data files consistent. You can do so with the –prepare option.
[Mysql backup and recovery 3] Xtrabackup physical backup function test

MariaDB slave restore using GTID & xtrabackup bug

MariaDB slave restore using GTID & xtrabackup bug Recently I happen to work for a MySQL database restore, a pretty exciting task for DBA ? Well, backup server was already configured with Holland (backup framework) & Xtrabackup (Percona’s backup tool) which made our lives easier with steps to restore.
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Neste tópico vou demonstrar um exemplo de backup full + incremental + log bin + restore usando o Percona xtrabackup. Em uma artigo anterior demontrei como realiza a instalação e mais descrições de backups com o Percona xtrabackup: Instalação e
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Files Created by Mariabackup
This helps to prevent certain kinds of known issues. For example, see Mariabackup Overview: Manual Restore with Pre-existing InnoDB Redo Log files. xtrabackup_logfile In MariaDB 10.2.9 and before, Mariabackup creates xtrabackup_logfile to store the , In later