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How did Russia reclaim a legendary vodka brand from …

On Jan. 9, 2018 a Dutch court ruled that the rights to Stolichnaya vodka belong to Sojuzplodoimport, and S.P.I. Group must repay all the profit made on the Benelux market since 1999.
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 · Stolichnaya distiller distances itself from historic Russian brand in wake of protest over Russia’s anti-gay laws The vodka is produced in Latvia by Latvijas Balzams, which has 600 employees and
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Diageo’s higher-end Ciroc vodka, for example, is made from grapes, while Chopin Vodka makes a potato variety, but neither of them explicitly market themselves as gluten-free.
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Stolichnaya Premium Vodka 70Cl 5 (4) Write a review Click here to open zoom in to image £ 20.00 £ 28.58 /litre Add Stolichnaya Premium Vodka 70Cl Add add Stolichnaya Premium Vodka 70Cl …
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Our pick for the best Russian vodka is Stolichnaya Elit. Inspired by traditional Russian filtering methods, this premium vodka is great for drinking straight or in cocktails! Will Rogers once said, “Nobody in the world knows what [vodka] is made out of, and the reason I tell you this is that the story of vodka …
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Stolichnaya Vodka, usually called Stoli Vodka for short, is a well-respected premium vodka which has been sold in the United States since the 1970’s. While it is not one of the very first brands of the spirit in America, it is historically important since it was the first to introduce the concepts of flavored vodka and premium vodka .
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Stolichnaya® Vodka. Made with certified alpha grade spirit. Just four filtrations through quartz sand and birch wood charcoal are all that is needed to acquire my unsurpassed smoothness. It has 100% Grain neutral spirits. Contains 40% alcohol by volume. STOLI
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Our interview with Stolichnaya Elit brand ambassador gives us insight into why vodka is one of the best spirits on the market. Since 2009, the raw alcohol used in the production of our vodka is
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Is Potato Vodka healthier than grain vodka?

 · Vodka can be made from any fermentable material. There are commercial vodkas made from potatoes, grapes, rye, and mixed grains that include barley.Grey Goose uses soft winter wheat sourced from Picardy, a grain-growing region in northern France that’s often referred to …
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The Top Vodkas Made from Corn
This American-made vodka is distilled from corn sourced from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Water from Lake Fort Smith in Arkansas is added to bring the vodka to proof. It is charcoal filtered and brought down to 40% ABV.
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Stolichnaya, or Stoli as it’s known in the biz, is a Russian vodka known for its distillation process and excellent taste. Few other vodkas in the world have a more labor-intensive production. Made from wheat grain, rye grain and artesian water, Stolichnaya is triple-distilled and filtered through sand, quartz, charcoal and woven cloth.
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Stolichnaya is made to the highest standards of Russian vodka production as established by the world-renowned scientist Dimitri Mendelev in 1894. The fermentation process starts with …
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Vodka Tasting #1 (Finlandia, Absolut, Stolichnaya)
 · I will be reviewing three vodkas from Northern Europe in this post – Finlandia, Absolut and Stolichnaya, all bottled at 40%. Finlandia, owned by Brown-Forman and made by Altia Corporation in Finland, is made of barley, said to be distilled in over 200 steps and is not