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What are strange laws in cuba?
Cuba remains a communist country. With that said, Castro and his younger brother, Raul are the primary people who shape the laws in Cuba. What are some strange laws of Somalia?
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Turkey, known for its strict censorship laws, has blocked more than 100,000 web pages from reaching its citizens. The most controversial online ban is the complete blacklisting of Wikipedia. After the information site refused to alter content the Turkish government found objectionable, authorities outlawed the entire site in a ban The Verge calls “the most comprehensive in the world.”
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Cuba 2019 Crime & Safety Report

Cuba requires a Cuban-issued driver’s license, and has a system in place for issuing licenses and insuring drivers. All tourists should check with their travel provider if they intend to drive. Police posted on street corners of all major cities enforce traffic laws and
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57 Interesting Facts About Cuba
 · It is a tradition in Cuba to burn dolls at New Year’s Eve to symbolize the forgetting of bad times and look forward to a fresh start with the New Year. 30. Cuba, which was discovered by explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492, was controlled by Spain until 1898.During April-September 1980, approximately 124,000 Cubans migrated to the U.S., as they were freely allowed to do so by Fidel …
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As of 2018, there are no laws against bestiality in the Philippines. It is illegal to make or sell any pornography in the Philippines under a 2008 law, but ownership is not criminalised.
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The bizarre back story of the filibuster
Between 1850 and 1855, Quitman help organize filibuster expeditions to wrest Cuba from Spain’s grasp, and — once it was independent — get the island annexed to the U.S. as one or more new
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Animals of Cuba
Cuba is part of the Cuba-Cayman Islands Freshwater ecoregion and is also known as a Caribbean Islands biodiversity hotspot. Different animals find sanctuary in the island’s different terrestrial ecoregions: the Cuban Moist Forests , the Cuban Cactus Scrub and the Cuban Pine Forests .
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14 Weird Facts about Colombia
14 Weird Facts about Colombia 03 February 2017 Features, Colombia Forget about everything you thought you knew about Colombia. The country is now one of the safest in South America, imposes short-term laws to avoid violence and has
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The Weird And Terrifying Laws Of North Korea
Back in 2013, North Korea’s hair-brained leader, Kim Jong-Un, brought in one of the strangest laws ever. He decreed that there are only 28 government approved hair styles that men and women can get.
John F. Kennedy ordered over 1.000 Cuban cigars for personal use just hours before he made them illegal.
10 Weird And Wonderful Facts About Belarus
 · If you’ve never considered visiting Belarus before (which admittedly I hadn’t either), these brilliantly weird and wonderful facts will definitely spark some intrigue… 1. Around 40% of Belarus is covered by forest.
In Cuba. hitchhiking is encouraged and government vehicles are legally required to pick up hitchhikers.

26 Facts about North Korea that are terrifyingly strange

We bring you 26 weird and bizarre facts about North Korea that will make you thankful that you don’t live there. 1.North Korea follows a “three generations of punishment” rule, meaning that if one person violated the law or sent to prison, their children, parents and grandparents are sent to work with them.
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Roman law
 · Roman law, the law of ancient Rome. As a legal system, it has affected the development of law in most of Western civilization as well as in parts of the East. It forms the basis for the law codes of most countries of continental Europe and derivative systems
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Cuba Travel Restrictions and Warnings for U.S. Citizens

History of Travel Restrictions to Cuba The U.S. government has limited travel to Cuba since 1960—after Fidel Castro came to power—and to this day, travel for tourist activities remains controlled largely due to a fear of communism in Cuba.