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例句等 英漢例句 at present , sham chung is not included in any statutory outline zoning plan 深涌現時并未包括在
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英文縮寫OZP的英文全稱查詢結果是Outline Zoning Plan,一直致力于提供英文縮寫搜索服務,Sober Living Home Business Plan | Business Plan | Corporations

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statutory outline zoning plan中文的意思,用法,中文意思是 分區計劃大綱,中文簡介無,英文介紹是None。 shortof.com創建于2012年,法定分區計劃大綱圖。英漢詞典提供【statutory outline zoning plan】的詳盡中文翻譯,翻譯及用法,目前已經收錄超過50萬條英文縮寫,www.paulzimmerman.hk。 Pok Fu Lam Outline Zoning Plan S/H10/18 薄扶林分區計劃大綱草圖 Object to height of Cyberport 5. Should be lower than Arcade.

Ma On Shan outline zoning plan all-set

Ma On Shan outline zoning plan all-set The Chief Executive in Council has approved the draft Ma On Shan Outline Zoning Plan, with about half of the 814 hectares covering mainly hill slopes and wooded knolls zoned Green Belt for defining the limits of urban and sub-urban development area.

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Copies of the related Building Plans, Outline Zoning Plan, Government Lease and Deed of Mutual Covenant are available for free inspection at the sales office(s). 4. Prospective purchasers may request for a copy of the Deed of Mutual Covenant upon payment of a reasonable photocopying charge.

3. Sha Tin Outline Zoning Plan


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Define outline zoning plan. (分區計劃大綱圖) means a plan provided for under section 6(1)(a) other than a development permission area plan; Click here to search for “” within outline zoning plan …

Draft Pok Fu Lam Outline Zoning Plan S/H10/18 and cyberport …

Broken Promises – New Outline Zoning Plan for Pok Fu Lam S/H10/18 Government has published the revised Outline Zoning Plan for Pok Fu Lam. Deadline for comments is 27 November 2019.Click here for the full paperClick here for our analysesClick here for our online petition

Zoning plans in the Netherlands
Viewing zoning plans In a structural plan or vision, municipal and provincial authorities outline potential spatial planning developments. Structural visions, zoning plans and draft zoning plans can be viewed at the municipality or province and via the Dutch-language.


KOK (EAST) OUTLINE ZONING PLAN NO. S/PSK/11 during in March. The main amendments include: Rezoning of a site partly bounded by Fo Yin Road, Chong San Road and Pok Yin Road from annotated ‘Science Park’ to ‘Residential Uses’ .

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The Chief Executive has approved the Outline Zoning Plan for Hebe Haven. The planning scheme area, covering about 370 hectares, comprises the entire coastal area of Hebe Haven and the surrounding hillslopes. The planning intention of the area is primarily to

Draft Pok Fu Lam Outline Zoning Plan S/H10/18 and Cyberport Expansion …