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Album Review Eminem just dropped his 10th studio album, Kamikaze.The release went completely unannounced beforehand (as he wanted it), and it steers away from the heavily political vibe that filled 2017’s Revival. So if you’re wondering if the famous …
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Eminem – Kamikaze Review
411’s David Hayter checks in with his full review of the latest album from Eminem, Kamikaze. When Eminem isn’t spilling the blood of his enemies with buzzsaw brilliance (“Lucky You”) or
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Kamikaze is Vintage Slim Shady ? Updated Review: After listening to the whole album about 10 times now. It’s safe to say Kamikaze is one of Eminem’ best albums. In my opinion at least. It’s Especially great in terms of Pure Rap / Battle Rap. The Tracks
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“Kamikaze” “Yeah, I’m a f**kin’ kamikaze crashin’ into everything.” Title track “Kamikaze” features some of the wackiest production of the album, sounding like a circus. Notably, Eminem interpolates himself – “FACK”, not to mention LL Cool J. Matching the quirky production are agile, biting, twisted, and unapologetic rhymes, whether it’s the blunt “Stuck up in my
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 · Kamikaze by Eminem Review by: Alexander Z. Best 3 songs 1) Lucky You feat. Joyner Lucas Standout Lyric: “Choppers and jammies, a partridge, a …
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“Kamikaze” – a desperate step towards normality. …

Last weekend all our staff was busy going over the tracks from Eminem’s last record. We already started jotting our reviews and will be posting them soon. Check out the first one on the list: a review of the new “Kamikaze” album from Eminem.Pro editor, Ekaterina
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Eminem kamikaze review — like 2009’s grisly relapse …

Eminem kamikaze review Eminem – ‘Kamikaze’ review NM Eminem at Coachella 2018 Eminem is not happy. We know because he tells us, in the opening seconds of ‘Kamikaze’, like he’s psyching himself up: I feel like I want to punch the world in the fucking..
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Why Eminem’s Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze’ Is an Epic Fail …

Eminem is 45. His newest album, Kamikaze, is the album of a confused, middle-aged Marshall Mathers whose style and ethos are at least a decade past their expiration date. The album is a turbulent
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As I wrote in my review, I really liked “Revival” and I had “Kamikaze” on repeat, and in general I feel that Eminem’s work now is more mature as the author is himself. He does not pursue high ranks in charts, he is not interested in industry awards, but he keeps mastering rhymes folding layers of meanings in them, keeps offering his perspective on the reality he lives in.

Eminem: Revival Album Review
Eminem’s consistent run of mediocrity over the last 15 years has not tempered his album sales, and it’s unlikely to start now—he remains one of the most bankable acts in pop. But sales and
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 · Less than one year after releasing what most fans considered to be his worst album yet, Eminem is back and firing off all cylinders on his surprise album Kamikaze. This album seems to exist mainly because of the backlash Eminem got for his previous album, as
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Kamikaze – Eminem Album Review
Ein dunkler Sinn für Ironie fließt durch Kamikaze; Ein Künstler, der sich mit einem Genre beschäftigt, das sich weiterentwickelt hat, während er sich selbst entwickelt hat, um mit Mainstream-Popkünstlern zusammenzuarbeiten.
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 · Download “Kamikaze” Song on iTunes and Amazon Buy ‘Kamikaze’ Album on iTunes and Amazon Eminem goes so far as to compare 2017 “flop” of ‘Revival’ album to his song “FACK,” which is considered to be his worst song yet. Lyrics Review and Song Meaning