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 · Or you can search for the NCBI Gene ID: gene_id:1756 Wormbase IDs are also searchable: wormbase_id:WBGene00140105 The list of external IDs is extensive and is located at the end of the OMIM Search Fields list, in the section.
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To start, enter the gene symbol (e.g. HDAC6), gene ID (e.g. 10013), or gene name (e.g. histone deacetylase 6) and click search. Tip 1: Please use the official gene symbol or gene ID (locuslink number) from NCBI . You can use Entrez Gene to get the.
(PDF) The Genome Database for Rosaceae (GDR): year 10 update

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All Gene Expression Assays Search all TaqMan™ Assays for mRNA and long noncoding RNA analysis, including endogenous control and marker/reporter gene products.
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Search NONCODE, you can use NONCODE id as keywords. Search Refseq, you can use refseq id as keywords. Search Ensembl, you can use ensembl id as keywords. [Note: Search Ensembl supports only transcripts. ] Search Name, you can use name as keywords.
Gene identification and discovery
BioGPS is a free extensible and customizable gene annotation portal, a complete resource for learning about gene and protein function. No trick, this new plugin is quite the treat by ginger Check out the new PanDrugs plugin from @pandrugs_cnio–the clean design
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The Gene Search System: A Method for Efficient Detection and Rapid Molecular Identification of Genes in Drosophila melanogaster | Genetics
CDKN2A Gene – GeneCards
This gene generates several transcript variants which differ in their first exons. At least three alternatively spliced variants encoding distinct proteins have been reported, two of which encode structurally related isoforms known to function as inhibitors of CDK4 kinase.
Gene identification and discovery

Full-length cDNA clones: Mammalian Gene Collection

The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), a trans-NIH initiative, is to provide full-length open reading frame (FL-ORF) clones for human, mouse, and rat genes. In 2005, the project added the cow cDNAs generated by Genome Canada. Initially, cDNA libraries
Identification of rare variants in the SDR9C7 gene. (A) Schematic... | Download Scientific Diagram
FHOD3 Gene – GeneCards
Entrez Gene Summary for FHOD3 Gene The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the diaphanous-related formins (DRF), and contains multiple domains, including GBD (GTPase-binding domain), DID (diaphanous inhibitory domain), FH1 (formin homology 1), FH2 (formin homology 2), and DAD (diaphanous auto-regulatory domain) domains.
Frontiers | SCDevDB: A Database for Insights Into Single-Cell Gene Expression Profiles During Human Developmental Processes | Genetics
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Step 1. Submit your gene list through left panel. An example: Copy/paste IDs to “box A” -> Select Identifier as “Affy_ID” -> List Type as “Gene List” -> Click “Submit” button 1007_s_at 1053_at 117_at 121_at 1255_g_at 1294_at 1316_at 1320_at 1405_i_at
GCGD:Grass Carp Genome Database
Gene ontology
The Gene Ontology (GO) is a major bioinformatics initiative to unify the representation of gene and gene product attributes across all species. More specifically, the project aims to: 1) maintain and develop its controlled vocabulary of gene and gene product attributes; 2) annotate genes and gene products, and assimilate and disseminate annotation data; and 3) provide tools for easy access to
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