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 · PDF 檔案the functional dependency. In Chapter 7 we cover two other types of data dependencies, the multivalued and join dependencies. Other general classes of data dependencies are treated in Chapter 14. 4.1 DEFINITIONS We discussed keys in
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Functional Dependency Discovery: An Experimental Evaluation of Seven Algorithms

 · PDF 檔案Functional Dependency Discovery: An Experimental Evaluation of Seven Algorithms Thorsten Papenbrock2 Jens Ehrlich1 Jannik Marten1 Tommy Neubert1 Jan-Peer Rudolph1 Martin Schonberg¨ 1 Jakob Zwiener1 Felix Naumann2 1 fi[email protected]
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Functional Dependency and Normalization for Relational Databases Introduction

 · PDF 檔案Functional dependency is represented as FD or f.d. The set of attributes X is called the left-hand side of the FD, and Y is called the right-hand side. X functionally determines Y in a relation schema R if, and only if, whenever two tuples of r(R) agree on their XY- If a
(PDF) Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Functional Dependency Manipulations.

Relational Design and Functional Dependency

 · PDF 檔案Functional Dependency Functional Dependency (FD) is a term derived from the mathematical theory that underpins relational database theory. It concerns the dependence of the values of one set of attributes on those of another set of attributes. Consider the
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Functional Dependency and Algorithmic Decomposition

 · PDF 檔案Functional Dependency and Algorithmic Decomposition In this section we introduce some new mathematical concepts relating to functional dependency and, along the way, show their practical use in relational design. Our goal is to have a toolbox to
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Functional dependency theory made ’simpler’

 · PDF 檔案Functional dependency theory made ’simpler’ J.N. Oliveira [email protected] Techn. Report DI-PURe-05.01.01 2005, January PURE Program Understanding and Re-engineering: Calculi and Applications (Project POSI/ICHS/44304/2002) Departamento de Informatica
(PDF) Approximate Discovery of Functional Dependencies for Large Datasets

(PDF) FD-EXPLORER: A Pedagogical and Design Tool for …

Download Full PDF Package This paper A short summary of this paper 37 Full PDFs related to this paper READ PAPER FD-EXPLORER: A Pedagogical and Design Tool for Functional Dependency Exploration
(PDF) Fuzzy functional dependencies: A comparative survey
Normalisation to 3NF
 · PDF 檔案dependency • A functional dependency (FD) is a link between two sets of attributes in a relation • We can normalise a relation by removing undesirable FDs • A set of attributes, A, functionally determines another set, B, or: there exists a functional and B (A
(PDF) Capturing Relational Schemas and Functional Dependencies in RDFS
LOGO Normalization
 · PDF 檔案Functional Dependency ได แก Multi-valued Dependency (MVD) • Multi-valued Dependency มักเกิดจาก Multi-valued Attributes ที่ เป็นอิสระต่อกัน …
(PDF) Graph Algorithms for Functional Dependency Manipulation

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Functional Dependency Special Cases Whereas an equality test in a WHERE condition or INNER JOIN condition is symmetric, an equality test in an outer join condition is not, …
(PDF) Conditional functional dependencies for capturing data inconsistencies
3 9 X Y For R1
 · PDF 檔案FUNCTIONAL DEPENDENCY(FD) (Maier,1983) Definition : If X and Y are attributes of a relation R, then Y is said to be functionally dependent on X (or Y is functionally determined by X or X functionally determines Y), denoted by X->Y, if each
(PDF) A Hybrid Approach to Functional Dependency Discovery
Functional Dependency Functional dependency can be defined as relationship that exits between attributes in relation. Functional dependencies are used to create relation in Boyce Codd Normal Form abbreviated as BCNF. If C and D are the attributes of relation
(PDF) Extending Functional Dependency to Detect Abnormal Data in RDF Graphs
Functional Dependencies
 · PDF 檔案Functional Dependencies (FD) – Definition • Let R be a relation scheme and X, Y be sets of attributes in R. • A functional dependency from X to Y exists if and only if: For every instance |R| of R, if two tuples in |R| agree on the values of the attributes in X, then