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While running a nursing practice can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it also leaves you vulnerable to risks. From employee injuries to malpractice lawsuits, nursing liability insurance can help mitigate the high cost of unexpected incidents.
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Professional indemnity insurance (PII) protects you against legal costs and compensation claims that come about as a result of professional advice or services you perform. Kinds of nurses that
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Malpractice Insurance Generally, your employer will provide you with professional nursing insurance. However, when your reputation is at stake, nurses cannot always rely on their employer-provided coverage to cover them fully. So, having proper medical
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Insurance Issues The best risk management practices in the world will not always protect FNPs. Things go wrong, and lawsuits may be the result. In these situations, a good liability insurance policy is a family nurse practitioner’s best friend.
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 · PDF 檔案NURSING LIABILITY INSURANCE We have all read many articles on and heard seminar speakers advocate why nurses should not buy professional liability insurance. However, in our opinion, there are a number of excellent reasons why every practicing nurse
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Malpractice Insurance for Nursing Professionals – Peace of mind for as low as $106 a year! At NSO, we offer a simple, affordable solution to help safeguard your assets, your license and career. When you purchase your own individual professional liability insurance
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All financial ANMF (Vic Branch) members receive professional indemnity insurance (PII), including $10 million protection for a negligent act and coverage for legal expenses. PII is important for all health professionals as any practising nurse, midwife or carer could:
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Carrying your own professional liability insurance will protect your best interests and cover you should a patient decide to file a lawsuit against you. So keep your peace of mind and decide today to carry your own professional liability insurance.
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Professional Liability Insurance Don’t let a mistake jeopardize the future of your business. Get the protection you need right away with professional liability insurance. Learn More Health Insurance – GetInsured Health Insurance made simple. Learn More We can
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Professional Liability Insurance for National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Members As a member of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), you’ve taken an important step in enhancing your professional credentials. You’re one of 15,000 NASN
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Insurance Coverage $20 million Professional Indemnity ($60 million in the aggregate, excess $250) $20 million Public Liability (excess $500) $500,000 Legal Expenses (excess $250) Unlimited Retroactive Date Runoff Cover for Former Members Discounted insurance
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Public liability insurance As a medical professional you work with members of the public every day. There’s always a danger that the treatments you provide could cause unexpected injury, but there are also the potential accidents that have nothing to do with treatment.
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 · Source: Nurse Professional Liability Exposures: 2015 Claim Report Update, CNA and NSO However, unlike surgeons and physicians, not all nurses carry nursing liability insurance as many of them largely depend on employer’s policies without realizing that it isn’t