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The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET
Cheat sheet: Apple’s ARKit (free PDF)
ARKit was released with iOS 11 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2017. Augmented reality (AR) is at the forefront of specialized technology being developed by Apple and other high
The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET

Apple’s ARKit for Augmented Reality Applications …

Apple is the 800-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to mobility. ARKit will be no different. There are other frameworks and SDKs available in the market which are used to build AR apps. Here is a short comparison of all the main AR technologies and how
What Is Apple's ARKit? Everything You Need to Know

ARKit app downloads said to hit 13M, dominated by …

 · Apple officially launched its new ARKit framework as part of iOS 11, allowing developers to build applications for iPhone and iPad based around augmented reality. Now that iOS 11 has been
The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET

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At the core of Apple’s AR efforts is ARKit, a platform that forms a major part of iOS 11. Given the sheer scale of Apple’s audience, it’s no wonder developers are excited about bringing AR
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About ARKit XR Plugin
The ARKit XR Plugin implements the native iOS endpoints required for building Handheld AR apps using Unity’s multi-platform XR API. However, this package does not expose any public scripting interface of its own and most developers should use the scripts, prefabs, and assets provided by ARFoundation as the basis for their Handheld AR apps.
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ARKit-Live2D Live2D face motion control with ARKit face tracking sample Implementations iPhone X ARKit Face tracking Live2D Cubism 4.0 Face motion control ReplayKit Live broadcasting Requirements iPhone and iPad models that support Face ID iOS 13.2 or
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 · Placing objects. This example can be downloaded on – botaohu/ARKit-Example-by-Apple
The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET
Comparing Google ARCore and Apple ARKit
This inability to download the ARCore by Google app onto some of the newest and most popular Android devices as proven in the case of augmented reality, ARKit and Apple seem to win the day
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ARKit 101: How to Measure the Ground Using ARKit « …

ARKit 101: Using the Unity ARKit Plugin to Create Apps for the iPhone & iPad Apple AR: Use Augmented Reality to Measure Rooms Without a Tape Measure News: Google’s ARCore Will Do for Android Hardware What Apple’s ARKit Has
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ARKit BasketBall: Create Your First AR App Using ARKit.With the help of this course you can Learn To Create Your First App Using ARKit. This course was created by Gabriel Abraham. It was rated 4.4 out of 5 by approx 4003 ratings. There are approx 91917
The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET

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The 23 best ARKit apps for iPhone and iPad - CNET
Face Tracking with ARKit
Face Tracking with ARKit ARKit and iPhone X enable a revolutionary capability for robust face tracking in AR apps. See how your app can detect the position, topology, and expression of the user’s face, all with high accuracy and in real time.
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What is Apple’s ARKit and Why is it Important?
Apple’s ARKit was released with less fanfare than it deserved. Let’s look at why this is such a special and revolutionary piece of technology, and why you should try it out as soon as possible. World Brush If you know anything about PC-based VR you’ve probably